5 things to see in Marrakech

There are so many things to visit while in Marrakech. As I was only there for a few days, I listed the 5 that I liked the most in the Medina. To read about my adventures in the Palm Grove, click here 🙂

Jemaa El Fna Square

Part of the Medina, which is the city center of Marrakech.

You’ll see it getting more and more animated as they day goes by. And it’s always great to sit down at the end of the afternoon, sip a fresh fruit juice (sold on the square) and look at all the people rushing around and lighting the barbecues. You will see a lot of people holding monkeys (chained…) and asking tourists for pictures. DO NOT play along. These monkeys are poorly treated, and their place is certainly not chained on this square day after day… This article explains very well the fate of animals in tourism…

The souks

They are also very interesting to visit, but also very touristic. You will get called all over the place, by everyone trying to sell you jewellery, food, clothes, shoes, lamps… you name it, they have it! As it can get annoying, specially if you’re a girl by yourself like I was, I wore my headphones all the time. They would still call me to marry me, introduce me to their families, etc, but at least, I could easily ignore them (even though it’s not nice, I think it’s part of the game in the souks).

I still accepted an older man’s invitation for tea. I don’t know why, I trusted him and entered his little shop. He was very nice, offered me a mint tea and didn’t try to sell me anything. He just wanted to chat, talk about his culture and hear about mine. This was an amazing encounter and I still cherrish it 🙂

Majorelle gardens

This was the place I enjoyed the most !

They were created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, who took about 40 years to design them. The color blue, know as Majorelle blue, is very present in this garden, and gives it a magical feeling. It’s also very green, with a lot of plants, bamboos, cactus, and is cool place to relax from the animation of the medina.

El Badi Palace

It’s a ruined palace in the center of Marrakech. A very nice visit, as it was almost desert and this was a nice break from the Medina. It dates from the 16th century, and was ordered by Saadian sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Dhahbî , to celebrate the vitory against the portuguese army.

Open every day from 9 to 5, the visit will cost you 2€.

Menara Gardens & pavillion

A very fresh place to visit, by the water. Menara means “lighthouse”. There is no real lighthouse in the gardens, but any high building in Marrakech is called a “menara”.

Also, a quiet visit, but very hot ! So wear sunscreen, as there a very fewspots in the shade.

Open every day from 9 to 5, its entrance is free. So no reason not to go 🙂

How to get around

There was a shuttle from my hotel and the city center (read about it here), so I didn’t have to bother about booking taxis, etc.

To get around in the city, I simply booked a tourist bus ticket (you know, the big red ones), and just hopped on and off of it. Probably not the cheapest option, but as I was by myself, and I HATE haggling, it was the easiest way.

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