About me

Who am I ? A travel enthusiast, but what else ?

Before talking about travels, let’s do the official introduction. Stéphanie (but I’d rather be called Steph or Schtef). 32 years old for a few more months, I live in Namur, Belgium. A bit nerd, my passions are pretty diverse : music, cinema, reading, tattoos (I stopped counting), photography, animals. I try to combine the two latter with my travel passion : take a maximum of pictures, and try to see as many wild animals as possible. Misc info : my hair color changes all the time 🙂

Jacques, one of my two cats


I have a travel passion since I’m very young, and I started doing it my job. Tourism studies, then I became a travel agent for a pretty famous brand in Belgium. Unfortunately, I quickly realised that sending tourists to crowded hotels wasn’t my thing. So I changed jobs.

I now work -9 to 5 in administration, nothing crazy but it pays the bills and…  my trips 🙂 But my previous experience as a travel agent, and my numerous trips, made me the travel expert among my acquaintances.

I think my love for travel started during my year as an exchange student in the USA. Since then, I never stopped traveling ! I try to travel as ofter as I can : at least one “far” trip per year, and several shorter and closer ones, to stay on the move.

For more info about me, or if you need some help planning your next trip, do not hesitate to click on CONTACT 🙂

BB8 and me
“A bit nerd”
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