Sun and white sand beaches on Gili Islands

Gili Islands.

That’s the dream place in Bali for white sand beaches !



It’s an archipelago of 3 different islands :

  • Gili Trawangan, the most animated one 
  • Gili Meno, the quietest
  • Gili Air, a nice mix of the two previous ones

We chose to stay on Gili Meno, as we wanted a few days of complete quietness, and we weren’t disappointed 🙂

The trip from Amed to Gili Meno wasn’t as peaceful as we’d hoped. We had booked and paid the trip in advance, but we had to “fight” for the boat to take us to Gili Meno, as it wasn’t planned… (???) We eventually got put on a private boat (yay). There was a lot of current and waves that day, so the boat had to stop at the other side of the island (it’s always good to know, you might have to walk a bit to get to your hotel).

You must know that there are no motor vehicles authorized on the island. You can walk, bike, or call a “taxi”, actually a cart pulled by a horse (according to me, it’s not necessary as you can walk around the whole island in about 90 minutes, but it’s something different!)

Meno sign

We chose to stay at the Gazebo Meno hotel, located in front of the beach. You stay in small individual bungalows in a garden in the shade. On the beach, you can lay and rest on small gazebos, for free (with the occasional visit of Balinese ladies who try to sell their fruits, coco oil, etc). Want to book a room ? Then just click here 🙂

Gazebo Meno
The room

The island is very quiet, and you won’t have much to do besides wander, snorkel and relax at the beach : exactly what we were looking for. And the view is just amazing !

Beach view from the hotel

Here are a few activities we did while on Gili :

  • Visit the Turtle Sanctuary : Pretty fast as it’s a small place held by a lady, who rescues turtles and put them back to sea, but they’re very cute 🙂


  • Snorkeling : of course, like almost everywhere else in Bali. I did a half-day tour around Gili Islands, and it was great. If you’re lucky (and I was), you will be able to see turtles, clown fish, lion fish – don’t get too close as they’re very dangerous !)


  • Get on a boat and wander on Gili Air : it took us about 1 hour go walk around the island. Always bring water and sun screen, as you’ll be directly in the sun all the while. There are several boats leaving from Gili Meno’s harbour per day, so you just need to get there a few minutes before the boat leaves, buy your ticket, and you’re good to go ! Be sure to wear shoes that can go in the water, as you’ll embark (and unload) the boat directly in the sea :-).


Swings like you’ll find everywhere on Gili Islands

Gili Meno

More pictures here.

Next stop : Nusa Lembongan.

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