Getting lost in the crowd in Kuta


We had heard a lot about this city before travelling to Bali (both good and bad). So of course, we had to check for ourselves !

So we decided to spend our 2 first nights in Kuta, in a hotel not far from the airport. As we landed in the late evening, we wanted a good rest after our flight.

We stayed at the Radiant Hotel & Spa.

This hotel has nice rooms with air-conditioning (yep, you’ll need it in Bali, as the weather is very hot and very humid), a fridge with bottled-water, a bathroom, and almost direct access to the swimming pool. The perfect place to relax after a long trip !

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We weren’t fascinated by the town of Kuta : (way) too crowded for us, a lot of trafic, and we were constantly hassled on the beaches (there once was a woman who sat with us and refused to leave if we didn’t buy one of her bracelets). Before you leave to Bali, you must know that you will be hassled wherever you go (mass tourism at its best), and don’t forget to haggle, all the time !

Kuta has what every big touristic city has : Macdonald’s, Hard Rock Café, a mall. It’s a very occidental city, and you will probably enjoy it if you are party-people, or if shopping is a big part of your trip 🙂

In all this liveliness, we managed to find a pretty little restaurant called the Poppies. Very quiet, in a small fresh garden, and the food was amazing. Highly recommended if you visit Kuta (they also rent rooms, if you want to stay in the city center). 

Kuta beach is wide and huge, and the sunsets are amazing here ! (just know that you won’t be alone on this beach)

Kuta plage

To summarize, Kuta is the best place for you if you want a good party, in an awesome environment (look at these beaches, you can’t say you aren’t dreaming :-)). The population here is pretty young, so you’ll probably make great encounters. And if you’re a shopping-enthusiast, Kuta is definitely the place for you !


 Click here to keep wandering !

Some links in this article might refer to affiliate links, from which I might make a tiny bit of money 🙂

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