Snorkeling in Pemuteran with Dive Concept

Snorkeling around Menjangan Island with Dive Concept.

Dive Concept is the dive center inside of the Arjuna Homestay. They are very professional and we felt very safe with them during our snorkeling trip !

We left the hotel pretty early in the morning, after we tried the equipment (fins, mask, tuba – I really, really recommend you wear a suit. We didn’t and we regretted it… you’ll understand why a bit further). We first took a minivan to Bangsal Harbour, from where we embarked for a 1-hour boat trip. Off to Menjangan Island !

The settings are amazing : transparent turquoise-colored water, the weather was amazing, and the island itself is a beauty ! There’s even a temple there !

We snorkeled two different sports : one in the morning, then we moved to the other one, had a pic-nic, then back in the water !

Our little adventure : it didn’t ruin our experience, luckily, and we still had a great day, but it’s worth telling. The morning snorkel went great, we saw many pretty corals, and amazing sea life ! The first spot is located along a coral wall, and you could really see it fall into the see, that was wonderful (it doesn’t really show on the pics… they’re nothing compared to reality).

During our afternoon snorkel, the guide had warned us that there were jellyfish in the water, but they were safe (he took one in his hand to show us, and felt nothing). BUT (you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you ?), at the end of the snorkel, we got stuck in a jellyfish bank… very small ones, but very stinging ! (fortunately, not dangerous). We had to swim across it (hence, the suit !!!) to get back to the boat (the guide brought it closer to us, though). We weren’t injured badly, a bit of warm water on the sting, and the next day we felt nothing.

But I insist, if you go to Bali and go snorkeling, ask for a suit, even a short one. And to avoid heat strokes, put it on right before going into the water 🙂 And don’t forget sun screen (reef safe !). You swim at the surface, and the sun burns… trust my experience!



Menjangan - snorkeling spot



Second, and luckily last, “accident” of the day : after going back to the hotel, I decided to treat myself to an ice cream, so I went for a walk to the market a bit further down the road. I didn’t walk 100 meters that I tripped and fell… and hurt my knee ! Fortunately, I was right in front of the Frangipani restaurant, and the employees helped me, disinfected the wound and were very nice to me. Back at the hotel, the receptionist gave me a bandage (there is no pharmacy at walking distance, so you might want to pack a few things with you. And don’t forget to check your tetanus vaccine :-D)

To end this day, I decided not to move from the pool : a Bintang at the pool, and let’s call it a night ! (FYI : I still went and got my ice cream :-)).


Next day, we left for Amed !

Some links in this article might refer to affiliate links, from which I might make a tiny bit of money 🙂

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