Grand Galet Waterfall

Next stop in our Reunion Island trip : Grand Galet!

Grand Galet Waterfall

After a very good (and washed down!) meal at Mous’ (I’ll talk to you about it in another article very soon), we left for a small hike to the Grand Galet waterfall, also called Langevin waterfall. The 9 of us hopped in Manu’s van, and off we go on the winding road. But it’s raining, and the road is slippery : the van refuses to go further. No problem, we will walk the rest of the way 🙂

I took us about 30 minutes walking, but if you’re driving a “normal” car, you should arrive without any problems to the waterfall. 9 people in a van, it was a bit optimistic of us to think we would make it. Just know the road is very steep, and inside the land on Reunion Island, rain is not very unusual, so the roads might be slippery. Drive safely 🙂


The very good thing about this impromptu hike, is that we had the occasion to see amazing landscape, and to witness the local noises and smell from nature. And, well, the waterfall wasn’t bad, either 😉



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