My bucket list

I think that every traveller should have their bucket list so… here we go !

50+ things to do and see before I die…

(and there are probably a million more)


♥ Eat a Pastei de Nata in Portugal

♥ Take a walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain

♥ Hitchhike in Corsica

Eat a cassoulet in Carcassonne

♥ Cruise the Fjords in Norway

♥ See an Aurora Borealis in Iceland

♥ Rent a boat and have a day-cruise in Croatia

♥ Make a roadtrip in the Balkans

See the cliffs in Brighton

♥ Eat Haggis in Scotland

♥ Visit castles in England


♥ Hike in the jungle in Costa Rica

Drive on the Golden Gate in San Francisco

♥ Travel tu Ushuaia

♥ See the Corcovado in Brazil

See the Cabazon Dinosaurs in California

♥ Zipline in the jungle in Monte Verde

Sit on Road 66

♥ See the Machu Picchu in Peru

♥ Visit the Grand Canyon

♥ Gamble (just a little) in Las Vegas

♥ See Niagara Falls

♥ Stay with my friends in Canada

♥ Go to Alaska

♥ Visit Easter Island

♥ Drink a mojito in Cuba


♥ Do a safari

♥ Spend a night in the desert

Ride a camel

♥ See the pyramids in Egypt

♥ Scuba dive in the Red Sea

Get lost in the souks in Marrakech


See white sand beaches in Bali

♥ Have a boat trip in the islands of Thailand

♥ Visit Laos

♥ Visit North Korea

♥ Eat insects anywhere in Asia

♥ Walk on the Kwai River bridge (while whistling, of course)


♥ Cuddle koalas and kangaroos in Australia/New Zealand

♥ Visit Antarctica

♥ Take a selfie with a quokka

♥ Skydive

♥ Go paragliding

See a volcano

♥ See a tapir in his natural habitat

♥ Swim with dolphins (in natural habitat)

♥ Dive with Manta rays

♥ Dive with sharks

Fly in a hot air balloon


♥ Spend a night in a stilt house in the sea

♥ Swim and enjoy the quietness in Aitutaki

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