Reunion Island

“La Dodo lé là !”

A few months ago, a group of friends were going on a tour on Reunion Island : Corbillard (punk-rock from the grave, follow the link to listen to them, they’re great!)

So we decided to tag along for the week with my friend Pauline. I’ll tell you about our trip in this section !

First step : book the plane tickets !

Well, it wasn’t the easiest, as we had to book 7 tickets on the same flight (the band members – 4, the manager – 1, and Pauline and I). And, as we were travelling on a budget, we had to find the best rates, for fixed dates, while taking into account everyone’s schedule… so we opted for the company French Blue, the low cost company for DOM-TOM (which, in the meantime, changed names to Frenchbee).  We still paid a bit more than 1000€ per person, for a flight from Paris Orly, by booking 3 months in advance… but we were travelling during the November Holidays, so we were expecting kind of high prices.

French Blue Bee

Well, if you say low-cost company says… extra services. When you book a eco-class ticket, you’ll have a choice between different rates :

  • BASIC rate (from 229€ one way) : included in the price : 1 cabin luggage (12kg). Everything else (checked luggage, meal, comfort kit, seat selection, etc.)
  • SMART rate (from 249€ one way) : the rate we chose. Included in the price : 1 cabin luggage (12kg), 1 checked luggage (23kg), meal, comfort kit (socks, light blanket, eye-mask). It seems that you now have to pay 10€ for the comfort kit (whatever rate you choose), but it includes an extra pillow.
  • PREMIUM rate (from 629€ one way) : included in the price : all services from the SMART rate, plus 1 second checked luggage, seat selection (row- middle- or window-seat), “cut-file” service at the luggage drop-off, priority boarding, and priority luggage retrieval at the airport of arrival.

Click here for a recap.

My review of the flight/the company.

The flight went by smoothly. There are quite a number of movies and tv-shows to choose from, so you won’t be bored (and I took a sleeping pill so I slept most of the flight :-D). But since it’s a low-cost company, you won’t have the same comfort as with a “normal” company : less leg-space, pretty narrow seats… well let’s just say we were happy to land ! And there are a few drinks included in the meal with the SMART rate, but all alcoholic beverages are extra. So if you want a glass of wine or a beer, you’ll have to pay.

Regarding the seat selection, we didn’t choose our seats in advance, and they put us all together (for the people on the same booking) – this is not the case with all low-cost companies. But it’s not guaranteed, so if you’re travelling as a family, and want to be sure to be all together, you might want to book your seats in advance (15€ per person, 20€ if you want a window-seat. This does not apply for the PREMIUM rate, where the seat selection is included.)

But French Blue was clearly the cheapest option, so if you’re on a tight budget, it’s a good company !

Second step : book an accommodation !

Since the guys stayed with the tour manager (the great Manu and his girlfriend Laeti ! <3), we had to find our lodging. We chose la Saline-les-Bains, as it was central, and the concerts were around this town. And we decided to book through Airbnb, as we wanted to be quite free, specially regarding the meals, and we kinda liked the idea of having “our own” place. So we stayed at Samuel’s place, a very nice appartment in a residential complex : one bedroom, bathroom, open kitchen, veranda and a small garden. There also was a swimming pool in the complex. I really recommend this place if you’re staying in La Saline 🙂

jardin réunion

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