Travelling by yourself in Marrakech as a girl

Hi all ! Today, I’ve decided to talk to you about that time I travelled by myself to Marrakech 🙂

Booking a flight to Marrakech

I booked my flight through Ryanair, as they were the cheapest. I usually travel on a budget, so most of the time, this is the best option for me. As they get more and more complicated and restrictive regarding extras and options, be aware that if you’re travelling with family/friends, you might not be seated together (my boyfriend and I were separated during our return flight from Carcassonne…)

The flight departed Brussels South Charleroi airport, and landed in Marrakech airport. Pretty easy.

Choosing a place to stay : Medina or Palm Grove ?

The Medina is the name given to the city center. The Palm Grove is situated about 20 minutes from the Medina, and it’s much quieter. As you’ll see, the medina can get veeeeery crowded and noisy.

There are a lot of options regarding accomodation in Marrakech, so you’ll have plenty of choice. My choice was to stay in the palm grove, a bit outside of town, to be able to relax after long days in the city. You will read it a bit further, but it gets crowded and noisy in Marrakech, so if you’re a bit of an agoraphobic (like me!), you’ll enjoy a quiet place to rest.

I stayed at the “Kasbah Le Mirage“, a very nice hotel near the palm grove, about 20 minutes from the city. They have a shuttle to and from the city, and they also provide an airport shuttle, which is very convenient 🙂

The hotel has theme rooms, and I had the “argan room”. They are very nicely decorated, with tiles in the bathroom. So typical. Also, rooms don’t have TVs. But I really didn’t need it, as I was exhausted at the end of the day, and a good book was enough to put me to sleep. Also, they have movie evenings if you really can’t do without a film 🙂


Room in Marrakech Room + bathroom

  The hotel also has a very nice pool, where you can refresh after a hot day. It gets REALLY HOT in Marrakech. Really.

Pool in Marrakech

The breakfast buffet is very tasty, with bread, jam, honey, and local specialties. And you can take it on the terrasse and enjoy the morning sun. Amazing view !

Breakfast with a view in Marrakech

In the tariff I had booked was included a welcome cocktail and a camel ride in the palm grove. Not my typical kind of activity, but I thought I’d give it a try on the first day. As I was the last to sign up for the walk, the guide gave my his camel. I remember him asking me “are you used to horseback riding ? Yes ? Then you’ll take the lead.” Well, alright then ! I don’t like animal abuse, and this kind of tour is not my kind of things, but the guide seemd really attached to his animals, and they didn’t show any sign of bad treatment. So I really hope I’m not mistaken by saying this…

Camel  Palm Grove in Marrakech

The tour was awesome : I don’t remember how long it lasted (this was back in 2012, and time flies…), but it was long enough to enjoy the very nice views on the palm grove. And as my camel and I were leading the way, I had the BEST views ! (when I wasn’t trying to keep her from eating… which was most of the time hahaha). And as I was by myself, and I am quite a shy person at first, it was good to be part of a group, and it allowed me to meet some nice people 🙂

Camel and pine grove marrakech

camels in the pine grove in marrakech

 pine grove in marrakech  pine grove in marrakech

This was a great start to begin my trip to Marrakech. The next day, I headed to the medina.

How was it being all by myself in Marrakech ?

Well, not as bad as I expected. It’s always kind of difficult to travel by yourself, as you don’t have a travel partner to share thoughts, visits, etc. You must be at peace with yourself, as you will have to travel, wander, and eat by yourself. But I was okay with that, and it went very smoothly. Plus, you always end up meeting people, and I shared some of my meals with a very nice couple from the Netherlands in the hotel.

The people in Marrakech weren’t so pushy, and were pretty welcoming. I read that if you’re a woman by yourself, you’ll have a better time than if you’re with a friend. I haven’t tested it with a travel partner, yet, but I enjoyed my time in Marrakech. And even when I was having a drink by myself, nobody came to annoy me. It was a very great experience, so if you’re curious, I would just say : GO FOR IT 🙂

What to visit ?

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