Uluwatu – beaches

Beaches of Uluwatu.

Uluwatu : surfers’ paradise, but also a dream place for beach lovers !

Suluban Beach


Very nice small beach inside a cave, very pleasant as very fresh, but you can’t lay on the beach or swim, due to the big waves (but you will see a lot of surfers getting in the water from there). This place also attracts a lot of tourists, probably due to its unique setting !

Blue Point Beach

Well hidden behind the rocks is an almost desert and very pretty beach : Blue Point Beach !

Once you’re on Suluban Beach, you can wander to a small, almost desert beach. When you face the sea in the cave, turn left and kneel under the rocks (you’ll have to earn the secret beach!). You might get wet, but… look at this beauty !

We rested on this beach for quite a while, as we were by ourselves for most of the time. It was great : the sun, the beach, the sound of the waves… I really miss it ! 🙂


You can go for a swim (which we did !), just keep in mind that the waves are quite strong (Uluwatu is not the surfers’ paradise for nothing !). And pay attention to the tide, don’t forget to leave the beach on time 🙂

If you’re looking for a nice place to have a bite, a drink (well-needed as the heat is torrid!), with an amazing view, go to the Original Warung in the village, a nice bar/restaurant at the top of the cliff… (don’t expect gourmet food, but I’d go there just for a water and the view !)

There’s a fancier place right there as well, the Single Fin : restaurant, bar, surf shop, all that with an incredible ocean view.

After a nice refreshment, we paid a visit to the famous Pura Luhur Temple. Click here to discover it.

View from the Original Warung
View from the Original Warung


Padang Padang Beach

If you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love (if not, you can buy it from Amazon), and seen the movie with Julia Roberts, you might recognize this beach : Padang Padang beach. You can visit it (entrance fee is 10.000 IDR ~0,60€ ~0,75$ – half the price for Balinese people).

Suluban beach map
You can walk from Suluban Beach – about 30 minutes – but if it’s too hot for you, a taxi will take you there in a few minutes.


You will see the beach from the road, and the many tourists. Walk down “a few” steps, and you’ll bethere.

There are a few beach bars, and small souvenir shops, like almost everywhere in Bali. You’ll get used to it.

Caution : when going right on the beach, you can wander around in the rocks. It’s great, but be careful and mind the tide… you don’t want to stay stuck there, trust me !

I also drowned my Nikon camera on this beach… RIP.

Mind the tide !

After a few days at the beach, we wander to Ubud.

Some links in this article might refer to affiliate links, from which I might make a tiny bit of money 🙂

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